Xiamen Industrial Expo (Taiwan Fair)

On July 9-11, Zichuan district merchants joint Qilu laser sharing industrial park operation team, relying on the settled enterprise Jinan YD laser, composed of “2 + X” investment consortium, in 2020 Xiamen industrial exposition and the 24th cross-strait machinery and electronic commodity fair, through the park enterprise “appearance”, to lift laser industry investment new climax.
Xiamen Industrial Expo (Taiwan Fair) is the largest and most influential brand exhibition in the industrial field across the Taiwan Straits, covering intelligent manufacturing (industrial robot and automation), machine tools and laser equipment, industrial molds and functional parts, construction machinery and many other fields, which is very consistent with the industrial attraction direction of Zichuan District.
“Since our company entered Qilu Laser Industrial Park this year, it has enjoyed the help of various parties from the local governments at all levels. The government has arranged special personnel to run errands for the company and related business procedures, and it has also provided a lot of preferential policies.At the same time, the park has complete supporting facilities, a shared equipment processing center and a perfect industrial chain, which is of great benefit to the development of the settled enterprises.”Exhibitor YD Laser related responsible person has attracted the attention and interest of merchants by sharing their own entry experience.
Since its establishment, Qilu Laser Industrial Park has attracted great attention from the province, city and district. With excellent resource allocation, preferential policy support and high-quality service quality, it has attracted a number of good projects and large projects with good market prospects and strong innovation ability to settle in.
During the activity, by Zichuan district merchants, park operators, YD laser “2 + X” investment consortium, innovation “business exhibition” attract new mode, through enterprise appearance, attract docking new projects, visit regular guests, layer upon layer superposition progressive, comprehensive, multi-angle promotion Qilu laser industrial park, has achieved remarkable results.

Post time: Feb-16-2022