YD laser series A exchange platform, laser cutting machine

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Laser cutting machine, laser plate cutting machine, YD laser series A exchange platform, laser cutting machine, metal cutting and high-speed cutting.

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Laser cutting is the most widely used processing method in the laser processing industry. The invisible light beam replaces the traditional mechanical knife, which has the characteristics of high precision, fast cutting, not limited to the limitation of cutting pattern, automatic typesetting, saving materials, smooth incision and low processing cost. It will gradually improve or replace the traditional metal cutting process equipment.

Model Model A6015 A4015 A3015
Processing range Working area 6100mm*1530mm 4000mm*1524mm 3050mm*1530mm
Laser source brand Laser Device IPG/MAX
Laser Rated power output Laser power output 1000-12000W
positioning accuracy Positioning accuracy 0.05mm
repeatability accuracy Reposition accuracy 0.03mm
Maximum Simultaneous Speed Max.simultaneous speed 100m/min
Maximum acceleration Max.simultaneous acceleration 0.8G
Power Phase Power phase number 3
Voltage Rated supply voltage 380V
Power Frequency Power supply Frequency 50/60Hz

Proudcts Features & Advantage

The series A laser cutting machine produced by YD laser adopts high-power and high-performance fiber laser with international advanced technology, independently developed high-grade CNC system, high-precision AC servo motor, rack imported from Taiwan, imported high-precision linear guide rail and other efficient transmission mechanisms. The whole machine is stable and reliable, with good dynamic performance and strong load capacity, It is a high paid technical product integrating laser cutting, precision machinery, numerical control technology and other disciplines. It has the characteristics of high speed, high precision, high efficiency and high cost performance. The model adopts parallel exchange platform, and the overall design concept highlights the stable structure, good rigidity and high speed. Thus, the high-speed and accurate positioning, dynamic and rapid response and good stability of the equipment are guaranteed to the greatest extent.

The main body of the equipment adopts the welding bed process, which has high mechanical strength, relatively short production cycle, easy to organize production and lower thermal sensitivity,the laser adopts international advanced technology and the unique cutting process database can carry out different intelligent cutting for different materials, optimize the cutting surface, cut a wider range of materials, faster speed, better quality and lower cost, and can be applied to the full coverage of low-power to high-power lasers.

The laser head can automatically avoid obstacles. The laser head can carry out high dynamic response, predict obstacles in advance and protect the laser head to the greatest extent.

Cast aluminum beam is fast. Aluminum alloy has the metal characteristics of light weight and strong rigidity, which is conducive to high-speed movement in the machining process, and high flexibility is conducive to high-speed cutting of various graphics on the basis of high precision.

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